IPPF SARO adopted an inclusive strategy under the European Commission supported “Champions Project” to work with parliamentarians, civil society organisations (CSOs), youth and women networks, media, television channels, films and sports communities with the objectives: to break the silence around country-specific SRHR concerns; and to create a momentum – demanding SRHR for the most marginalised and vulnerable population, that can positively resonate within policy, governance and community environment.


Therefore, “Celebrating Voices Over Silence” was chosen as a marque for this strategic campaign within South Asia. The advocacy campaign was carefully designed to leverage the power of films, creative media, theatres, musical performances and sporting events to construct a medium of prominence

around issues endured by women, girls and youth, due to lack of sexual and reproductive health and rights across South Asia. Country-specific campaign plans were made to inspire target audiences by using contextually most effective mediums of short films, documentaries, online campaigns, sports tournaments etc. to create awareness on SRHR issues that are masked within the cultural silence. Powerful stories of empowerment, exclusive facts and evidence and impact of cultural and policy barriers on SRHR were used as contents to drive the campaign, to break the silence and to amplify voices of concerns. Ultimately, the campaign was intended to position SRHR as a priority development agenda in the regional and national level debates and programmes – to protect and promote the right to sexual and reproductive health of the underserved population in South Asia.