Transgender Day of Remembrance 

20th November 2020
trans people graphic

On the Trans Day of Remembrance, IPPF remembers the transgender people whose lives have been lost globally to transphobic violence. We salute the community which is severely affected by COVID-19, discrimination, political neglect, violence and exclusion from access to health services.

IPPF demands an inclusive and safe society which recognizes everyone, including trans-people’s sexual freedom and reproductive rights.

This year the Trans Murder Monitoring (TMM) project added 350 trans and gender-diverse people to the list of people to be remembered worldwide. This project systematically monitors, collects and analyses reports of homicides of trans and gender-diverse people worldwide.

The world needs to wake up and understand that transphobia and its violence is a destructive aggression of social prejudice that denies people their human rights. IPPF works to change laws in countries to support gender and sexual diversity.

We spotlight the Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association (IPPA/PKBI) who are fighting for to halt the Penal Code revisions that criminalizes and stigmatizes gender and sexually diverse persons, including trans people.

IPPA produced a short film "Emak Menolak", highlighting the challenges of trans people in Indonesia. 

IPPF will continue to fight and stand in solidarity with the trans community until their rights are realized and respected, because trans rights are human rights.