Member Associations

Our Member Associations are independent organizations championing the needs of their local populations, especially the most marginalized or under-served people. They work with young people, ensuring they are fully literate in the skills they need to manage their health and to engage in safe and fulfilling intimate relationships. They provide and advocate for essential care such as contraception, maternal healthcare, HIV prevention, safe abortion and support for survivors of rape and sexual violence. Even during humanitarian emergencies, our partners and MA provide essential sexual and health services. 

An IPPF Member Association (MA) is the accredited organization in your country which is part of IPPF.

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​​​​​​ Family Health Association of Iran (FHAI) is a non-governmental, non-profit, non- political and volunteer base association established in 1995 and is a full member of IPPF (South Asia Region) since then. FHAI is committed to improving and providing reproductive ...