Society for Health Education (SHE) Maldives

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The Society for Health Education (SHE) was established in 1988 by 4 women. It adopts an integrated approach to health education and service delivery and its role includes increasing the accessibility of services and using the media for education and communication. The society runs outreach programmes and mobilizes voluntary support to develop projects and to maintain and enhance service provision. SHE conducts selective research to assess and report on emergent health issues (especially the high incidence of thalassaemia).

SHE operates a permanent clinic offering family planning services in the Maldive’s capital, Male. From here it runs counselling services, training courses for medical, paramedical and administrative staff, screening, and genetic counselling and research with a view to reducing the number of children born with thalassaemia.

In schools, SHE operates a health programme for young people, providing information on population, thalassaemia, early marriage and pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and smoking and drugs. It also produces an extensive range of health education materials including both publications and radio and television programmes.  Fundraising and income generation is a high priority for SHE which organizes a number of annual events, such as a Children's Festival and a Thalassaemia Dinner.